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Reclaimed Roofing Materials

Stock changes all the time – please phone to check

We buy & sell pre-used roofing materials, mainly reclaimed slates and ridge tiles. If you have anything you would like to sell for an instant cash payment please contact Stuart on 01736 759215.

We have reclaimed items and new items for sale that we have no further use for.  Some stuff is very cheap and some is expensive – its all to do with scarcity and demand! If you are interested in anything please telephone to double check that we do have it.  Payment would be BACS or cash.  All items are plus VAT. Postage or local delivery can be arranged if required. A total quote for postage can be given once we know what your order requirements are.

We strongly advise that you come and see the goods first hand. Reclaimed items and new are sold as seen, we give a good description here of the condition of stuff but would much prefer it if you could come and have a look. VAT @ 20% must be added to all prices. Scroll down to see what we have, or click on any of the following:

Marley Monarch roof tiles from £3.00 each + VAT.

Marley-tilesThese are discontinued by Marley, so you cannot buy off the shelf – When they’re gone – they’re gone. All tiles for sale were on a roof for 12 years and were recently taken off. All tiles are in excellent condition with rain channels intact. Grey in colour.

Standard delivery is 3 to 5 day. For next day delivery please add a further £15.00 + vat to the prices below.

Up to 10 tiles £4.00 + vat each (plus £25.00 + vat packaging & delivery)

10 to 50 tiles £3.50 + vat each (plus £50.00 + vat packaging & delivery)

over 50 tiles £3.00 + vat each (plus £60.00 + vat delivery per 400).

No slate & halfs or doubles left.

See below for

  • Pre-used Delabole slates
  • Pre-Used Scantle slates for wet lay
  • Pre-used Clay Ridge Tiles
  • Ridge Finials
  • Cast Iron Roof-lights
  • Woodworm Treatment – Borax / Boron

Pre-Used Delabole Slates (all prices are subject to VAT @ 17.5%)

24″ x 14″ Delabole slates. 500 No. Condition – Very Good.
24″ x 14″ Delabole slates
£4.00 each up to 10

£3.50 each up to 50

£3.25 each up to 100

£3.00 each over 100

18″ x 10″ Delabole slates. 300 No. Condition – Good. 18″ x 10″ Delabole slates £1.70 each up to 10

£1.50 each up to 50

£1.40 each up to 100

£1.30 each over 100

16″ x 8″ Delabole slates. 2000 No. Condition – Good.

£1.30 each up to 10

£1.20 each 10 – 50

£1.10 each up to 50 – 100

£1.00 each over 100

Terracotta (red) 90° None available

Terracotta (red) 90° Sound – very clean. Terracotta (red) 100° None available Terracotta (red) 105°

Black 90°

Black 90° Crown 90°

Pre-Used Scantle Slates For Wet Laying (all prices are subject to VAT @ 17.5%)

All slates have been cleaned, dressed and holed and are in good condition.

None currently available but please call to check.


Pre-Used Clay Ridge Finials (all prices are subject to VAT @ 17.5%)

Opening Lights

Miscellaneous (all prices are subject to VAT @ 17.5%) Scantle slates – When we strip slates from roofs, we sort them and save the best ones. These are then sorted at our yard and cleaned of old mortar. They then have the top couple of inches cut off (this is the weakest part of an old slate) and are re-holed 1″ from the top. They are then stacked in pallets and covered. This is a very time consuming process and barely covers the wages involved in processing them – but it gives us something to do in the rain! Borax/ Boron – is a super safe non-toxic treatment for woodworm. It comes in a white powder and can be diluted down according to need from 1:25 to 1:10 depending on your needs. Conservationists and National Trust etc much prefer this to other spirit based products. Roof-lights – We save the best cast iron lights that have come off roofs. We remove the glazing and shot blast them clean of all rust and then apply coats of Red Oxide Primer and Bitumen paint topcoat. They are sold without glazing – but it is easy to get your own laminated or toughened glass – clear or obscure.